Press release, Ylöjärvi, Finland, 9.2.2017

Huurre cold rooms range expands with a new Porkka Universal Room. New Porkka Universal Cold Room, the UCR, is designed according to customer needs, a flexible solution for small and medium-size category.

New Porkka Universal is a Modular cold room (MCR) and Walk-In cold room hybrid and significantly expand the range of Porkka rooms range. UCR brings larger WI -cold room solutions to smaller size classes, while enabling tailor-made solution for Plugin rooms. The room can also be used with the entire Porkka door range.

Porkka Universal Cold Room is a flexible and scalable solution for room space utilization problems

“Porkka Universal cold room combines a standard room and the best of Walk-In-room single operational entity,” says Head of R & D project Petteri Piirto and continues: “The UCR is designed as a large cold room, but it can be only 10 m3. It can be used to supplement. existing cold resources and to exploit all the available space. Our goal is to bring a wider range of solutions available to new customers. UCR product development is the answer to the growing market of the cold rooms.”

Plug In model

In our own factory manufactured refrigeration units are efficient and energy-saving. The cooling unit can be placed anywhere in the room and the room size can be increased by adding the second cooling unit. The controller has both optical and acoustic upper and lower limit alarms. Alarms can be attached to the property’s own control systems via a potential-free relay. UCR’s heat of condensation can also be connected to the heating system of your property. The RHDS® condenser is also available for moving the heat from the room. The condenser can be placed almost anywhere.

Freezer rooms are always supplied with underfloor heating. UCR freeze room’s maximum size is 40 m3 and UCR Cold room’s 44 m3.


Interested in Porkka Universal? Watch the video.

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